VW T4 Ball Joints

A fairly common issue with the Volkswagen Transporter Type 4 (T4) can be the suspension ball joints, these can be replaced individually or we have an offer where we replace all 4 ball joints (top and bottom) for £200, for that extra piece of mind.

Price: £200

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Andy Brack
Andy Brack
10 months ago

Hi, I have a 2000 X reg T4 2.5 TDi transporter conversion. It passed it’s MOT in December and ball joints were raised as an observation. Interested in getting them done. So just checking that’s £200 all in, for the 4 corners? What’s your availability like for this please. Thnx Andy

andrew brack
andrew brack
Reply to  FC Autos
9 months ago

Great. Can I book it in for next week please? Any day is fine but towards the end will be better. My number is 07780732446.