VW T4 2.5 tdi Timing Belts Replacement

Timing belts are a serviceable item (60k or 4 years) and should be considered imperative in the up keep of your vehicle! failure of any of the timing belt, tensioner pulleys or water pump will in most cases lead to catastrophic engine damage.

Here at FC Autos we will replace your main timing belt, fuel pump timing belt, all associated tensioners and rollers, as well as the water pump using genuine Volkswagen parts, and lastly re-set the fuel timing back to manufacturers specification.

Price: £480

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Simon Kay
Simon Kay
1 year ago

Hi there would it be possible to get a quote I have a W reg t4 2.5 I need a cambelt water pump change plus a new fan belt just wondering how much please many thanks

2 years ago

Hi I have all the belt bits already , how much to just fit not supply and fit? Me how soon can you? My timings out I think as struggles to start from cold (about 7 seconds of cranking but always fires ) but starts much quicker when warm

Reply to  FC Autos
2 years ago

Do u do any trade deals?